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    1. Concrete mix

    2. Gravel: 0.5 мм. 5-10 мм. 10-20 мм

    2. New Tech Insulation Materials

    Our company, MEC LLC, hereto is delighted to announce that we are distributing Hi Tech building products, approved and accepted world wide and ISO standard providing significant benefits for both residential and commercial building structures nowadays. If you are interested in purchasing this product and having any related questions, please, do not hesitate to contact the numbers written below! 99050478, 9911311

    4. Scaffolding and forming materials

    Unit price for scaffolding and forming materials in Ulaanbaatar  for sell & rental
    No.ITEM ref. No.UnitInitial Cost  Rental termRental Cost (US$)
    in US$ in MNT1 monthOver 1 month
    1Scaffolding frame 1200X1800A-4055Bpcs4554000per/month7.506.00
    2Brace ( cross bar)A-14pcs14.517400per/month2.421.93
    3Scaffolding plate 600X 1800SKN 6pcs15.518600per/month2.582.07
    4Jack base ( base for scaffold)A-752Spcs12.515000per/month2.081.67
    5Coupling pinCP 30pcs8.510200per/month1.421.13
    6Stair frameK 4055Spcs54.565400per/month9.087.27
    7Column for handrail (barrier)A-31Spcs1113200per/month1.831.47
    8Handrail (barrier)A-25pcs5.66720per/month0.930.75
    9Rolling caster for scaffoldingA728Jpcs32.539000per/month5.424.33
    10Steel pipe carbon. For scaffD 48mmm2.83360per/month0.470.37
    11A type steel ladderH 900pcs2226400per/month3.672.93
    12Cramp for tube scaffoldingFixpcs2.32760per/month0.380.31
    13Cramp for tube scaffoldingFlex.pcs2.63120per/month0.430.35
    14Scaffolding boardKT 4pcs22.527000per/month3.753.00
    16Turn backled 12mmpcs5.56600per/month0.920.73
    17Steel telescope  supportS 90pcs1821600per/month3.002.40
    18Arm lock joiner pcs3.64320per/month0.600.48
    19Plastic cone for forming pcs0.91080per/month0.150.12
    20Form tie bolt pcs1.51800per/month0.250.20
    21form separator L150-450 mm pcs0.91080   
    *In the rate VAT excluded