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DescriptionCapacityUnit Meas.Available     QuantityUnit Rental rate (US$)
A Month 200 W/H A week 50 W/HDay 10W/Ha hour exceed 200 Hour per/ month
  Construction  Equipment       
1Concrete agitator  truck  KAMAZ-581411, 2003Mix Bowel V-5m3Unit345001350324.0018.75
2Concrete mixer truck 1.7m3 ISUZU, 2001Mix Bowel V-2m3Unit22750825198.0011.46
3Loader     CAT-924F, 20021.7 m3Unit158001740417.6024.17
4Excavator CAT 320CL (with breaker attach.)  20051.2 m3Unit160001800432.0025.00
5Excavator CAT 320B, 19990.8 m3Unit150001500360.0020.83
6Skid Steer Loader  CAT 246B, 2005multi function Unit11600480115.206.67
7Excavator CAT 424 D Loader backhoe, 2006Multi function unit13000900216.0012.50
8Excavator (Tire) Hyundai Robex 1300, 19960.75 m3     0.00
9Excavator (Tire) Daewoo  200, 19971.0 m3unit13000900216.0012.50
10Excavator IHI, 20010.3 M3unit11800540129.600.00
11Excavator E 45 Mitsubishi, 20000.25 m3unit11500450108.000.00
12Bulldozer T-170, 200320 tonunit12200660158.409.17
13Tire Crane KC 5163A Boom l-25.5 m, 199625 tonunit1000.000.00
14carrier loader TSM SDO, 2001350Lunit1110033079.200.00
15Fork lift MITSUBISHI     H 4.2 m, 2001             2.5 tonunit175022554.000.00
 Trucks & Cars        
1Trailer 5410 Long truck 9.2m, 200220 tonunit12250675162.009.38
2Dump truck STEYER 266, 200520 ton 12 m3unit33200960230.4013.33
3Dump truck KAMAZ- 55111, 200510 ton 6m3unit11800540129.607.50
4Dump truck ZIL 4505, 19996 ton 3.5 m3unit195028568.403.96
5Crane 2.99t + truck 4 tonn (Hiab), 1996-1999 unit3120036086.405.00
6Fuel charger truck Toyoto 3.2kl 2 sec. tank, 20063000 lunit11600480115.200.00
7Light truck 2 ton Toyota Dyna, 2003 2 tonnunit280024057.600.00
8Car 4WD Toyoto ( Mitsubishi) Micro Bus, 19977 seatsunit267020148.240.00
9Car 4WD 19995 seatsunit275022554.000.00
 Power tools & others   MonthWeekDay 
1Concrete compactors Gas powered engine  pcs62507515.000
2Submusreble water pump (electric)  3"-4" pcs63009018.000
3Electric diesel generators     Denyo3 ph 40-60 kWtpcs285025551.000
4Plate compactor 120 Kgs Gase powered pcs635010521.000
52 Drum Vibrating roller  pcs190027054.000
6Welding machine 250-400 А Electric pcs43009018.000
7Welding machine Denyo 200-350 a Diesel powered pcs480024048.000
8Table saw  Blade D 20" Electric pcs22507515.000
9Electric desk planner  W 24" electric    pcs22507515.000
10power trowel for concrete gas powered  Robbin  pcs22006012.000
11Tamping rammer  pcs22507515.000

1. In above rate not included VAT and costs for operating expenses as operators fee and fuel and lubricants 

2. Customer will be responsible for all freight cost and storage while rental period