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Completed Projects since 1999 - 2010 

  • Trade center of BOSA Co. ( Bayan Zurch Dist.) 2 Fl. Area 850 m2, July – Dec. 1999
  • The Project for the Improvement of PEF in Mongolia Phase 1, School No. 7, Ulaanbaatar Airport area, 2 Fl 997.5 sq.m. (Subcontractor for DNC Japan), May 2000 – Feb. 2001, Mechanical work for School No. 72 Subcontractor for DNC & Bridge Co., Jul. -  Dec. 2000
  • Hotel & Bar ANGEL and heated garage for 12 car, AMMO Co. Ltd, Songino Khairkhan District, Ulaanbaatar, 2 fl  1920 sq. m., Design & Contractor, Jun.- Dec.  2000
  • Concrete Batching plant of DNC & MEC raw material stock yard 20m3/h, Installation & operation, transportation ( 6000 m3 ready mix concrete per a year)  Apr. 2001- Sep. 2004                 
  • Vegetable Plant House ASIA Co. in Ulaanbaatar, Fl. Area 792 sq.m., Jun.– Aug. 2002
  • The Project of The Japan- Mongol Center in Mongolia, Site area 7000 sq. m. 2 Fl. Total fl. Area 1510 sq. m., Local contractor for Dai Nippon- Marubeni Consortium, Apr. 2001- Mar. 2002 
  • The Project for the Improvement of PEF in Mongolia  Phase 1/3, School No. 28 Ulaanbaatar Bayan Gol Dist.  2 Fl 997.5 sq.m., / Subcontractor for DNC/, Apr. – Dec. 2002 
  • Facilities for Japan Mongol center, ( Garage, Fence, Watchman house), Designer & Contractor,July – Sep. 2002
  • Office and trade center for Naturetur Co. Ltd, Structural  work  4 floor Total fl. Are 5300sq.m., July 2002 – Jan. 2003; 
  • Gold Factory and facilities for Boroo Gold Co, Steel structure and construction & mechanical works. In Selenge Aimag Ikh Dashir, Subcontractor for Clough Engineering Limited  Australia, ( Manpower and equipment supplier for Clough & BGC), Sep. 2002.- Oct. 2003-Dec;          
  • The Project for Short Wave Radio Boardcasting System in Mongolia, in Ulaanbaatar, Muren, Altai  as local construction contractor for NEC and DKK Japan. Civil works ( Earth works & Concrete volume 3000 m3 site mixing and casing), Apr. 2003 – Aug 9. 2003;
  • The Project for the Improvement of PEF in Mongolia Phase 2/1, School No. 18 in  Erdenet .  3 Fl 1540.5 sq.m,Subcontractor for Obayashi Corporation Japan, April 2003 – Feb. 2004;  
  • Workshop & Garage  MEC,  Floor area 800 sq.m 2 floor.  May 2003 - Nov. 2003 
  • Sound record studio for Mercy corp., Aug. 2003
  • New camp civil works for Ivanhoe Mines in Oyu Tolgoi, ( foundation& floor concrete, plumbing works other facilities), Sep. 2003 – Nov. 2004 
  • JICA new office free access system flooring  400 sq. m, Jan. 2004
  • Transit warehouse UB, backup Genset. soundproof house for Ivanhoe, Jan. 2004
  • Trade Center  Enkhjin,  Floor area  2000 sq.m, for BOSA Co., ltd, Feb- Aug. 2004 
  • Factory roof renovation work, MONITALY Cashmere Factory, (3000 sq.m), Aug-Sep. 2004
  • Facilities for Dolmaling Nunnery, UB, Amgalan,( FTMT Mongolia and DLCC), Aug- Sep. 2004 
  • Fence and concrete works for For Global Mongolia  Company, ( Length 1.2 km)  Aug- Oct  2004
  • New work shop  MEC, floor area 800 sq.m, May - August, 2004 
  • Plane parking reinforced concrete pad & local sever water system for Ivanhoe Mines company in Oyu Tolgoi mining camp, Nov. 2004            
  • Japanese grant aid project for Water supply facilities improvement for Ulaanbaatar city, Pipe line 13 km, well pump houses 16 loc.  As a subcontractor for DNC Co. Japan, 2005-2006
  • Shaft No. 1 Under ground mining facilities & construction works in Umno Gobi Aimag, Construction works in Oyutolgoi for Ivanhoe mines Mongolia Inc., As a local subcontractor for Red path Mongolia LLC, 2005-2006  
  • Ready mix concrete, pre c/ast concrete products producer and supplier for Japanese Official Development project for Primary education Facilities improvement project in Ulaanbaatar, Subcontractor for Bridge Construction Co. (brick laying works School No.97,106), 2006         
  • Construction supervisors for  DNC Co. Japan In Afghanistan, primary school project, 2005-2006 March
  • Factory warehouse for “MonItaly cashmere” company in Ulaanbaatar, 2800 sq.m, 2006
  • Facilities for Oin Jim Resort in Shadivlan Structural works 600 sq. m 3 floors, 2006      

Projects in progress & completed (2007)

  • Construction supervisors for DNC Co. Japan in Afghanistan. The project for International Airport in Kabul official Development Aid Japanese Government, March, 2007 – July, 2008
  • The Lotus Stupa ( in Uvurhangai aimag8 Hashaat sum), June - July, 2007
  • Renovation works for Ulaanbaatar Waste Water Treatment Plant (concrete works), June - Sept, 2007 
  • Shaft No.2 Underground Copper Mining Facilities, Construction works as Local contractor for Red Path LLC Canada,  November, 2007 - January, 2008

Projects in 2008

  • Concrete Batching plant and PC materials, Ulaanbaatar MEC BP, 2000 m of ready mixed concrete & PC parts
  • Waste Management Project for UB, Ulaanbaatar Tolgoit area, Local subcontactor for DNC Japan, construction materials, equipment & manpower supply, April - December, 2008
  • Concrete works and steel structure assembling works, Oyu tolgoi, Local subcontactor for Red Path Canada

 Projects in 2009

  • "Wagner Ford" Show Room of "Wagner Asia Equipment" LLC, roof installation work, contractor "Mongol Global" LLC
  • "Saruul" Center, contractor "Mongol Global" LLC
  • Car Wash Shop, contractor "Mongol Global" LLC
  • Belkh Food Market, contractor "Mongol Global" LLC
  • Septic Tank, Uvur Gunt, contractor  "108 Stupa" LLC
  • Bridge, Uvur Gunt, contractor  "108 Stupa" LLC
  • Cottage Foundation & Floor, Uvur Gunt, contractor  "108 Stupa" LLC

Projects in 2010  

  • Shaft No.2 Underground Copper Mining Facilities, Oyu Tolgoi, as a subcontractor for "Red Path" LLC Canada, 2010 - 2011
  • Maintenance Shop 2, Oyu tolgoi, as a subcontractor for "KHET" LLC, July - September, 2010
  • Batch Plant # 2, Foundation Work, Oyu Tolgoi, as a subcontractor for " Hasu Megawatt" LLC, April - December, 2010
  • The Project for the Improvement of Primary Educational School Facilities in Mongolia, Phase IV, School No.12, No.35 & No.52, 2010 - 2011 

Projects in 2011

  • The Project for the Improvement of Primary Educational School Facilities in Mongolia, Phase IV, School No.12, & No.52


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We are offering the following positions:

1. Civil Engineer  
2. Heavy machine mechanical operator                                            



3. Construction Survey Engineer 1
4. Equipment  Maintenance Mechanic 1

Civil worker                                        



Applicants must provide the following documents:

  1. Request Cover Letter for employment
  2. Application /it will be given by an administration/
  3. Notarized State ID copy
  4. Residential Reference Letter
  5. Check List of Medical Test /blank will be provided by an administration/
  6. Social and Health Insurance Data Book /if need to be renewed, either of them will be issued by an administration/
  7. Reference Letter from National Police Agency
  8. 3×4 Photo – 4 % /must be taken in last 6 months/
  9. Reference Letter from the previous employer
  10. Notarized Copy of Primary Educational and Professional Certificate  /including copy of university or college diploma/
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Administration office:

MEC Batch plant:

53A-2, Sukhbaatar District, 4 -r khoroo,
Ulaanbaatar 44/275 Mongolia.
Phone : 976-11-319419, Fax : 976-11-329963
Chingis Avenue, 213
Khan Uul district, 2-r khoroo,
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
Phone : 976 - 99043128




As you may be aware that Mongolian Engineering Construction Company is a multi discipline construction company, which prides itself in carrying out this type of work, to international quality standards.

On many occasions in the past, we have been fortunate enough to work with the international and overseas companies on the various projects and believe the experience and knowledge gained, that has enabled Mongolian Engineering Construction company to be recognized as a quality constructor.

We have  presently being engaged as a major subcontractor for the construction of a Gold Processing Facility, for Canadian and Australian clients,  the  brief history of the previous completed projects are attached, including the Japan - Mongol Center (March 2002) and School No. 28 in Ulaanbaatar, "Boroo Gold" Gold Mining Factory Dec 2003, School No. 18 in Erdenet city,  which  handed over in Feb, 2004.

We are successfully completed The Project for Improvement Water Supply Facilities for Ulaanbaatar city  in September, 2006 and the Shaft No.1 & its facilities  of copper mine in Umnogobi Province for Ivanhoe Mines Mongolia in Dec, 2006.